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Introducing The Midnight Robber Damian Whiskey

Meet The Midnight Robber Damian Whiskey

In Search of Eldorado! The midnight Robber. Carnival 2016

Damian Whiskey performs as the Midnight Robber in 'D Ole Yard' hosted by UWI(University of the West Indies) Creative Arts Centre #midnightrobber #robbertalk #traditionalmas

The Midnight Robber interviewed on Wired 5.0 Carnival 2016

CNMG's Wired 5.0 interviews the Midnight Robber Damian Whiskey during Carnival 2016 as host Russel tries to get in on the action

The Midnight Robber does African History month 2015

Damian Whiskey performs under the sobrique 'Midnight Griot' a tribute to the ancestor of the Midnight Robber. Follow him on his journey with the Emancipation Support Committee's History Caravan (November 2015)

The Midnight Robber invades South Oropouche! The question: Who Leggo D Lion? Response: Trinbago!

Short video of The Midnight Robber Damian Whiskey on the History Caravan with the Emancipation Support Committee for african History month November 2015

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