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A folkloric Carnival performance artiste, storyteller and tutor with over 20 years experience.



Damian Whiskey is a multiple title 'Midnight Robber' champion. He has been portraying this Traditional Mas character since 1989 at the age of ten. Mentored by the late Andrew 'Puggy' Joseph, he started his career in competition at primary school, then competing with his seniors, where he met Andrew, joined his band, 'The Mystery Raiders' along with long standing Robber, Brian Honore.



Over the last two decades Damian has performed for all the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago as well as visiting Kings and Queens, foreign leaders and ambassadors alike. He participated in the World Carnival Conference, performed on Cruise ships and held the leading role in character in the production, 'Masquerade' for Carifesta 10 in Guyana.

As the youngest veteran in the business Damian hopes to spread and encourage the growth and resurgence of the traditional characters in general but believes that the oral traditions specifically are an excellent avenue for self-expression.



Currently his performances has been broadened to Master of Ceremonies in character at several local cultural shows. He has been hosting workshops tutoring in the history, costume and performance of the Midnight Robber and managing the promotion of Traditional mas characters the overall category under which this character is classified in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival.

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